Concrete Floor Grinding

Concrete Grinding Perth

The concrete grinding uses a circular disc underneath the machine, similar to a lawn mower to slowly grind down high sections of uneven concrete. The end result reduces the height between the concrete surfaces and removes all risk of a trip hazard.

Concrete grinding in Perth is a general term that refers to removing a concrete surface or layers of concrete. You can save time and money by using floor grinding machines for surface levelling and floor restoration. We use floor grinding to remove floor coverings such as epoxy, paint, carpet adhesive and self-levelling compounds – which leaves a smooth surface to lay the flooring on.

Floor or concrete grinding in Perth processes can also be used to roughen up an old covering, such as paint, to improve the adhesion for the next coat of paint. Regardless of the intended final result of the floor, there are huge benefits from using floor grinding as part of the process.

Typical Grinding applications include:

Concreting (21)

Why choose Concrete Grinding & Sealing?

Concrete grinding is a fantastic budget-friendly alternative to concrete polishing. It’s commonly used in factories and other industrial applications and, for a lot of people, is what first springs to mind when they think of polished concrete. Concrete grinding is like polishing, except the final steps are removed. As a result, grinded concrete doesn’t have the same high-sheen lustre of polished concrete and not as much of the aggregate is visible (we call it ‘salt and pepper’ exposed aggregate!). It is commonly used for car parking lots, warehouses and other industrial applications, but grinded concrete is increasingly being used in industrial style houses and apartments.

Benefits of concrete grinding include:

Concrete grinding is sealed, and we can use a gritted sealant if you’d prefer a more rugged, slip-resistant finish. If you’re after polished concrete that focuses more on function over style, grinding and sealing is perfect for the job. It strengthens the flooring, is more resistant to penetration and abrasives, cheaper than polishing, and requires much less maintenance.