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When comparing with the cost of replacing your concrete, tiling, or laying pavers, concrete resurfacing is very economical. It can save you thousands as we work on repairing and giving the existing concrete surface a makeover. Spray on concrete combines durability, attractive finishes, safety, and more all in one job. Maintenance couldn’t be easier; every couple of years, a simple wash and coat of sealer will have it looking just as good the day you had it done.

If you already have existing concrete, then the benefit and maximum gain of concrete resurfacing are yours. Many of our customers lay new concrete intending to have it resurfaced because of all the advantages concrete resurfacing offers compared to coloured, wet stencilled or stamped concrete. Although it’s much cheaper to have the concrete designed when poured, customers opt to pay more to resurface concrete further.

Driveways | Carparks | Commercial

The concrete resurfacing coating has an impressive compressive strength of 31-35MPa after seven days, 38-41 MPa after 28 days which is twice the MPa of standard concrete. This makes it ideal for high traffic areas such as driveways, car parks, ramps and more, hence why it’s also referred to as driveway resurfacing.

There are many advantages of a texture sprayed driveway. To name a few, it increases the houses kerb appeal and reduces the risk of slips, especially when wet. Therefore concrete resurfacing is ideal for home and commercial property owners looking to add slip-resistance to dangerous slippery surfaces such as steep driveways and shopping centre entries.

Looking to sell your house and want to add that wow factor? Driveway resurfacing is an excellent option as the first thing a potential buyer will see is the driveway, and if impressed, that will set the tone for what is to come next. A small investment with a significant gain!

Patios | Outdoor Living Spaces

Warmer months mean the chance to soak in the sunshine and enjoy BBQs with family and friends out in the fresh air. But is your patio or entertaining area up to scratch?

Concrete resurfacing looks fantastic in patio and outdoor areas; entertaining guests will never be the same with one of our modern custom surfaces. The sight of it is visually pleasing. A breath of fresh air, our stylish spray pave designs will help you take full advantage of the beautiful sunshine.

Pool Surrounds | Waterparks | Aquatic Centres

Tiles, pavers, and ordinary concrete can be slippery and dangerous when wet, especially for children and elderly loved ones. The consequences of slipscan be quite severeand lead to broken bones, disc injuries and serious cuts.

This risk can be managed and reduced by applying one of our gorgeous concrete resurfacing coatings, as in the industry, they are known as anti-slip coatings. Concrete spraying can significantly reduce the risk of slips in wet areas.

The nature of the cementitious coating used and the applied techniques add a great deal of slip resistance to any concrete surface. We offer many stylish designs to choose from to suit any pool surround. Concrete resurfacing is an economical and safe option for aquatic centres because of its long life expectancy and durability.

Common areas | Pathways | Driveway | Anything Concrete

Concrete resurfacing combines beauty, safety, durability and can save you thousands. Rejuvenate and add life to any concrete area with our modern custom designs that will leave you breathless.

Spray-on concrete will instantly enhance and transform the look of any existing concrete surface such as plain concrete, stencilled concrete, pebblecrete, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, concrete pavers and more.

Our concrete resurfacing coatings have a long life expectancy, so with professional experience, proper preparation carried out with the appropriate tools and machinery and using high-quality materials, the concrete resurfacing will adhere for many years to come. Any lacking in these aspects can result in delamination of the coating as we have seen and repaired many of these failed jobs (not ours) ourselves!

Bear in mind; just because it’s called spray-on concrete or spraycrete, it doesn’t mean it’s simple to spray; there is much more involved. Each job consists of surface preparation and the application of materials. Fifty to sixty per cent of the work is preparation; also, depending on the type of existing finish we areresurfacing; our work procedure consists of 27- 30 steps before applying the spraycrete.

The concrete resurfacing materials we use are Australian made and of high quality containing a high-level content of cement. High quality is vital as lower-quality materials with a lower cement content, and higher content of sand reduce its overall strength, quality of adhesion, and colour. Applying these materials with the proper tools and machinery is crucial; therefore, we are constantly upgrading to the latest machinery to ensure we carry out each step appropriately.

The concrete resurfacing process involves removing the concrete surface to a concrete stripping level. The concrete is then cleaned and prepared for the concrete coating application. The concrete is coated with a special concrete resurfacing resin that will provide durability, impact resistance, and chemical resistance to the concrete surface. If there was any existing texture or pattern on the concrete, concrete resurfacing services will require concrete stripping level and concrete texture removal.

During concrete resurfacing reviews, the concrete surface should be closely inspected to see if any existing texture is present or if there were any holes on the concrete. If so, concrete restoration techniques using notching machine with a 10° diamond blade should be used during concrete resurfacing concrete.

Larger concrete repair holes are much more easily repaired using concrete patching techniques because concrete resurfacing contractors are out to provide concrete surface that will be lasting for many decades. The used concrete grinding methods will make the existing concrete smooth & consistent throughout the whole project and give it a new look that can replace old concrete.

If there was concrete spalling problem, concrete resurfacing using concrete grinding can be used to repair concrete by removing the top surface of a concrete. Concrete grinding is a process that removes concrete on the concrete surface (abrasion). Sometimes concrete surfaces will have shallow cracks due to frost heave, but it may also be caused by soil settlement or poor leveling at time of concrete pour.

There are concrete resurfacing options you have available to you once concrete grinding is completed. Resurface concrete includes concrete overlay and concrete repair. Concrete over-sealing is one of the concrete resurfacing options that can be applied by a concrete polishing process. The service isn’t necessarily recommended for concrete with excessive spalling, concrete with concrete spalling or concrete that’s in poor condition. The concrete grinder will grind away the top layer of concrete, and a concrete polisher applies the concrete sealing to fill the pores that have been exposed by grinding concrete.  Resurfacing concrete isn’t as simple as applying a new coat of sealer to an existing slab after concrete polishing though.

Concrete overlay is applying a new concrete layer over the existing concrete. Overlay concrete resurfacing might be a better option for concrete that’s in fair to good shape, and concrete overlays can be applied to either residential or commercial concrete patio slabs.

As concrete polishing and concrete overlay both replace the top layer of concrete, it’s important to understand concrete resurfacing costs vary depending on the size of your concrete patio. Concrete polishing only removes about 1/8″ from concrete surfaces, but concrete overlays can be up to 3 inches thick.