Non Slip Epoxy Flooring

Non Slip Epoxy Flooring Perth

Non Slip Epoxy Flooring For Better Safety

Top-Notch Non-Slip Epoxy Floors by Professionals

In general, epoxy floor coatings are installed with no effort to make it anti-slip. The cases of slip-and-fall injuries are common for many Australian families due to this reason, especially when the floors are wet. Our non-slip epoxy floors look great and is the solution to fixing this issue for both residential and commercial properties, we will ensure your property is safe with our non-slip epoxy floor system.

The professionals at Rock Solid Concrete Resurfacing have often seen that the in-experienced contractors whom have attempted non-slip epoxy floors have often fail.  Their solution have been a handful of sand spread over the area to create abrasion, however, it is not a permanent solution as the so-called non-slip additive will crash or become displaced soon after foot traffic, making the floors slippery and risky when wet.


Non-Slip Flooring Coatings

At Rock Solid Concrete Resurfacing we know the importance of non-slip industrial floors, which is why we offer epoxy flooring in Perth for domestic, industrial and commercial floor applications. Epoxy flooring is composed of polyamine hardener and epoxy resin. Instead of a single floor coating, multiple layers of epoxy floor coating are applied on the flooring. Epoxy resin is a durable material with stain, abrasion, and chemical resistant properties.

Moreover, its waterproof and mould proof nature makes the coating ideal to be used in wastewater fields. If you aren’t sure of the type of floor coating for your factory, workshop, or garage, seek the assistance of our experts.

Why choose Rock Solid Concrete Resurfacing?

We understand what your actual requirements are, we ensure at Rock Solid Concrete Resurfacing you get a wide variety of finishes and textures. We can provide many colours including clear, and you may select a matt, satin or glossy finish. Our main objective has been to safeguard Perth families from slipping and falls by ensuring our non-slip systems is available at the best price without compromising on the quality.

Apart from this, we also ensure the following when it comes to non-slip epoxy floors:

In addition to the above reasons, we only specialise in non-slip solutions for all types of floors. We use a streamlined approach to non-slip solutions. We ensure all the intermediate processes to be precise for the best finish throughout every stage and make sure all of our works are of top quality.

Get in touch with us for a new non-slip epoxy floors or non-slip your current epoxy floor surfaces.