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Concrete resurfacer uses a circular disc underneath the machine to grind concrete. A disc similar to a lawn mower slowly grinds down high section of uneven concrete. Grinding reduces the height between the concrete surfaces and completely removes all risk of a trip hazard.

The concrete grinding in Perth involves removing a concrete surface or layers of concrete. By using floor grinding machines, you can save time and money. These machines are great for surface leveling and floor restoration.

For example, we use floor grinding to remove epoxy, paint, carpet adhesive, and self-leveling compounds. Consequently, this process leaves a smooth surface to lay the new flooring on.

Floor grinding or concrete grinding processes in Perth can also roughen up an old covering, like paint, to improve adhesion for the next coat. Integrating floor grinding into the process offers significant advantages regardless of the final desired floor finish.

Typical Grinding applications include:

concrete resurfacer

Why choose Concrete Grinding & Sealing?

Concrete grinding is a fantastic budget-friendly alternative to concrete polishing. Factories and industrial units commonly use concrete grinding. It creates smooth, flat surfaces, enhancing safety and productivity.

The concrete grinding is like polishing, except the final steps are removed. Grinding concrete reduces its high-sheen luster and minimizes the visibility of the aggregate (we call it ‘salt and pepper exposed aggregate).

It is commonly used for car parking lots, warehouses and other industrial applications, but grinded concrete is increasingly being used in industrial style houses and apartments.

Benefits of concrete grinding include:

Concrete grinding is sealed, and we can apply a gritted sealant for a more rugged, slip-resistant finish. If you prefer polished concrete that prioritizes function over style, grinding and sealing are ideal. This method strengthens the flooring, makes it more resistant to penetration and abrasives, is cheaper than polishing, and requires much less maintenance.

What are concrete resurfacer?

Concrete resurfacers are products used to refinish old concrete surfaces, by giving them a fresh look. They create an additional layer of material that smooths over imperfections. These resurfacers can be applied to driveways, patios, pool decks, and even indoor floors.

They come in various types. When choosing a concrete resurfacer, always consider factors like bonding properties and temperature tolerance. If the bonding properties are not good enough later it will result in distortion.


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