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Rock Solid Concrete Resurfacing

Rock Solid Concrete Resurfacing is one of Perth’s most experienced concrete resurfacing companies experience over 20 years in the industry. We guarantee every job with 100% customer satisfaction through our knowledge, passion, and skills.

Rock Solid Concrete Resurfacing is a dedicated family-owned business committed to delivering uncompromising quality standards. We are customer-focused and passionate about adding value for our clients. We aim to be a successful leading service provider in decorative concrete stencils and coatings, serving Perth’s residential and commercial communities.

Our highly experienced team have specialized solely in concrete resurfacing and stencils for over a decade. We focus on quality and durability, approaching every project with care and patience to deliver detailed craftsmanship, meeting and exceeding quality benchmark.

We transform concrete surfaces, we use cement-based resurfacing, sealants and stencils. For beautiful and durable floors we install residential and commercial epoxy coating, including flake finishes. From spray-on coatings to industrial applications we offer wide range of concrete coatings. And don’t forget we grind and prepare concrete floors too.

Concrete Resurfacing isn’t just a job for us, it’s a passion.

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Oil & Stain Resistant

We use a clear protective sealer to make our concrete resurfacing system resistance to oil spills and other staining.

Extremely Durable

Our concrete resurfacing products cure to a rock-hard finish ideal for high-traffic areas like driveways, garages, patios & paths.

Quality Products

We use top-quality industry-leading products for long-lasting, great-looking solid floors for many years to come.

Low Cost

Concrete resurfacing is more affordable for transforming a garage, driveway, path, or outdoor entertaining area then replacing it.

What is concrete stencils in concrete resurfacing?

Concrete Stencils is high-strength, durable decorative concrete surfaces that mimic the desirable effect of grouted paving, natural stone, slate, marble, and more.

What is the use of stencils in concrete resurfacing?

Stencil is a device that helps you apply a particular design onto a surface. The design can be in any form. We use letters, words, and patterns being the most popular. Stencils works best on a flat surface, depending on the ink or paint you use. Concrete stencils can also be used on metal, cardboard, or any other material.

concrete resurfacing